South London based four piece, CHILDCARE, return with latest single ‘Bamboo’.

Released November 9th, ‘Bamboo’ is something just a little bit different from the softcore-pysch band’s previously released material. The single sees Emma Topolski swap her bass for Ed Cares’ usual lead vocalist position and it’s gorgeous.

Saturated with effortlessly beautiful harmonies from the off, the only way to describe Topolski’s voice is angelic, as it oozes heaps of pure bliss. Her tones are intricate and dreamy, truly adding a spark of delightfulness that relaxes the track and almost makes you feel like you’re floating away.

Electric riffs are thrown into the mix, contrasting with soft, laid-back drums to create just a splash of excitement as the track reaches it’s beautifully climactic peak.


Speaking of the track and the decisions the band chose to make, Emma states: “Ed already had an idea for the chorus but wasn’t sold on the verses, so I did some soul-searching and came up with “I wanna be someone else”. We finished it together in my kitchen over a nice cup of Lady Grey. It was very good of him to step aside and let me take lead vocals on this one; this is CHILDCARE taking on another dimension.”

You can check out CHILDCARE on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify, which features ‘Bamboo’.


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