SINGLE REVIEW: I’ve Got Too Many Friends – Acrylic

Glasgow five-piece, Acrylic, have kicked off their year with a bang with release of latest single: ‘I’ve Got Too Many Friends‘.

Formed back in 2014, Acrylic have gone from strength to strength: March 2018 saw the release of their debut EP ‘All I Am‘, with the band receiving critical acclaim and support from the likes of BBC Radio 2’s Dermot O’Leary, BBC Scotland’s Vic Galloway and Amazing Radio’s Charlie Ashcroft to name a few.


Released on January 11th, ‘I’ve Got Too Many Friends‘, highlights the band’s infectious indie-rock sound perfectly, with jangling hooks and gentle, sweeping guitars creating flawlessness that’s almost addictive.

Frontman and vocalist, Andres Christodoulidis’ voice is beautifully soothing, with his baritone vocals personally reminiscent to White Lies’ Harry McVeigh, creating a unique and endearing sound that truly defines Acrylic.

Harmonies throughout are effortless, blissfully contrasting with Christodoulidis’ low tones to create a delightful dynamic that’s verging on ethereal.

When speaking about the single, Christodoulidis elaborates:

“I’ve Got Too Many Friends is about feeling as though you’ve found yourself in an ideal situation, with all the pieces falling together, and knowing that you’re still going to mess it up. It’s about a rift developing in a relationship and explores the naive idea that sex will resolve your issues, even though it will, in fact, be a colourless and sad affair and will most likely send you straight to the abyss.”

‘I’ve Got Too Many Friends‘ is available on Spotify, as well as debut EP ‘All I Am‘.

You can find Acrylic on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Soundcloud.


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