VIDEO RELEASE: Jon Campbell releases hand-painted video for ‘Francis’

Berlin based, American alt/folk singer, Jon Campbell, is both a musician and an artist.

With debut album ‘Sirens’ coming out this September 20th, Jon Campbell has recently released his first single from it, ‘Francis’, with an accompanying video hand-painted by himself.

Released back on April 12th, ‘Francis’ highlights Jon’s vulnerability as a song-writer, combining his alt/folk sounds with an incredible powerful honest expression of his homosexuality.

Jon’s raw yet delicate vocals and gentle guitar thread together to create a sound that’s beautifully moving – a real insight into what the album has the potential to feel like.

’Francis’ is about duality and reconciliation. Between my inner child and higher self, ego and shadow self – it is also about transient identities; how one object can cast many different shadows, depending on the source of light” says Jon.

The video itself is a work of art- a hand-crafted, stop motion animation that was painted and directed by Jon Campbell himself over the course of 6 months. The video includes over 1,000 photos of his work, and compliments the track wonderfully.

Jon speaks of the combination of the track and video, saying:

The song and video are also about reconciling the musician with the painter in me: I’ve always felt uncomfortable exhibiting my paintings; frustrated by the incongruence between my own affinity with a painting and the public’s ability to see just the surface. ‘Francis’ is an invitation to go beneath the surface of a painting – to hear what’s underneath it, and to see inside of a song.”

‘Frances’ is available now on Spotify , and you can find Jon on Facebook , Instagram & Twitter.

‘Sirens’ is set to be released September 20th 2019.


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