SINGLE REVIEW: I Don’t Make Me – Ignant Benches

Reigning from San Diego, CA, Ignant Benches are a young alt/indie band that deserve to be heard.

With a sound remnant to that of the early 2000’s indie scene, particularly the scene popular in the UK, the band are the perfect host of modern age nostalgia.

Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling, people sitting
Ignant Benches. Taken from the band’s Facebook.

The band are considerably Strokes-esque, think Arctic Monkeys mixed with The Strokes – maybe even add in a little bit of Muse, and you’ll get Ignant Benches.

Released on May 17th, single ‘I Don’t Make Me‘ is beautifully done.

Anson Kelley’s vocals are recklessly (yet wondrously) slurred, creating a whirlwind full of raw, solid tone- his voice somewhat playful as it’s sprawled across the track.

Emitting a vibe of pure 00’s indie loveliness, the track consists of speedy drum beats and catchy electric riffs, twining together and making a gently layered ebullient aesthetic.

It’s insane when you realise that the youngest member of this band has only just turned 16 years old. Their sheer vast amount of talent, dedication and professionalism is incredible, – completely unheard of in most bands of their age.

Already previously opening for Foster The People, and with their debut album on the way, it’ll be exciting to follow them on their ever-growing path of success.

‘I Don’t Make Me‘ is available now on Spotify alongside a variety of incredible demos.

You can also catch the band on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.




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