SINGLE REVIEW: Fruit – Ronald Raygun

Fronted by the ever-so talented multi-instrumentalist Sam Kennedy, the past few years have seen Ronald Raygun develop into an impressive musical body of artists.

Known for their dreamy electro-infused tunes and endearing psychedelic sounds, the Manchester-based group are back with latest single, ‘Fruit‘.

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Despite the group kindly gracing music scenes for years, this release comes as only their second, following on from their infectiously brilliant single ‘All I Know’, which was debuted back in 2018.

Opening with a lulling 80’s-esque sax and a rhythmic pounding of drums, ‘Fruit‘ quickly shimmers into classic Raygun goodness. Funky vibes and atmospheric psychedelia radiate into the ears of the listener, transporting them to a place of ethereal and transcendental musical loveliness.

Sam’s vocals are harmoniously echoed, gently blending with tones of the synth before mixing with a layer of delicate guitar riffs and smooth sax – an accompaniment that creates a truly enchanting allure.

Although debatably more laid-back and jazzy than the disco sound of ‘All I Know’, a funky bass-line runs throughout – the chorus welcoming an electro-splat of bassy synth to give it just that bit of an extra punch.

Ronald Raygun tend to completely smash everything they do, and ‘Fruit‘ shows to be no different.

The track’s overall vibe of hypnotic psychedelia is flawless – completely saturated with Ronald Raygun magic and absolutely everything you’d expect from a Sam Kennedy infused tune.

You can listen to the track on Spotify now as well as previous single ‘All I Know‘.

Catch Ronald Raygun on Facebook , Twitter & Instagram .



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