SINGLE REVIEW: Listen Up – Moodbay

After meeting in the corridors of BIMM Manchester, Alfie Cattell (producer/songwriter) and Anna Stephens (vocalist/songwriter) joined forces to create the musical body we now know as Moodbay.

Although first meeting back in 2017, last Friday (7th June) we first welcomed the duo into the music releasing-world, as they released debut single: ‘Listen Up‘.

Moodbay 2 EPK.jpg

Saturated with a variety of different genres from R&B to electro-pop, ‘Listen Up‘ is full of electro-infused attitude, while still keeping a relatively chill vibe.

Lyrics and sound dramatically contrast with one another, Anna’s vocals being beautifully gentle and welcoming while her lyrics point fingers and are full of anger.

Alfie’s production is impressively powerful, with the dance remix only highlighting its brilliance even more. A track that I can imagine being successful in nightclubs around the world, the dark house remix is incredible. Personally my favourite version, it holds electro-hooks and a bassy beat, combining perfectly with Anna’s voice to create a saturated sound that’s really exciting.

With such a truly impressive first release and an album on the way, it’s certainly going to be thrilling watching just how their future pans out.

You can listen to both versions of the single on Spotify now, and catch Moodbay on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.


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