• SINGLE REVIEW: Suis-Je Cool? – The Van T’s

    Alt. “90’s dream”, The Van T’s, embody the idea of empowerment. Glasgow based and female fronted, the band are well known for fearless and powerful tracks such as ‘Blood Orange’ and ‘Fresh Meat’. Despite the band being pretty quiet on the music releasing front since 2017, they’ve still bagged plenty of slots at 2018’s festivals…

  • BAND REVIEW: Thin-Skinned

    Brian Eno coined and began using the term ambient music in the late 70’s. In the liner notes of his 1978 album, Music For Airports, he describes ambient music as being “an atmosphere, a tint…intended to induce calm and a space to think”. Combine this idea of ambience with a dollop of shoe-gaze and a…

  • SINGLE RELEASE: Baby You’re A Haunted House – Gerard Way

    Ex-My Chemical Romance frontman, Gerard Way, is back for the first time since 2016 with his latest spooky release: Baby You’re A Haunted House. Appropriately released just in time for the Halloween season, the track is about our inner ghosts and how it feels being in love while dealing with our own demons. It’s fuzzy,…

SINGLE REVIEW: Return To The Drake’s Nest – BRIDGES

London’s very own rising rock quintet, BRIDGES, are back for the third time already this year, with latest single: ‘Return To The Drake’s Nest’. Released just a day before they played a slot at The Bimble Inn at Glastonbury, ‘Return To The Drake’s Nest’ presents a truly anthemic guitar-lead sound.

SINGLE REVIEW: Listen Up – Moodbay

After meeting in the corridors of BIMM Manchester, Alfie Cattell (producer/songwriter) and Anna Stephens (vocalist/songwriter) joined forces to create the musical body we now know as Moodbay. Although first meeting back in 2017, last Friday (7th June) we first welcomed the duo into the music releasing-world, as they released debut single: ‘Listen Up’.

SINGLE REVIEW: Fruit – Ronald Raygun

Fronted by the ever-so talented multi-instrumentalist Sam Kennedy, the past few years have seen Ronald Raygun develop into an impressive musical body of artists. Known for their dreamy electro-infused tunes and endearing psychedelic sounds, the Manchester-based group are back with latest single, ‘Fruit’.

SINGLE REVIEW: I Don’t Make Me – Ignant Benches

Reigning from San Diego, CA, Ignant Benches are a young alt/indie band that deserve to be heard. With a sound remnant to that of the early 2000’s indie scene, particularly the scene popular in the UK, the band are the perfect host of modern age nostalgia.

SINGLE REVIEW: By Blue – East Of My Youth

Reykjavík’s own electro-pop dream, East Of My Youth, are back for the first time this year with latest single ‘By Blue’. For fans of Vallis Alps and Lykke Li, East Of My Youth’s tracks are full to the brim with ethereal ambience and tone, and ‘By Blue’ certainly follows in suit.

SINGLE REVIEW: Foreign Places – Belvoir Hill

Originally reigning from North Yorkshire, Belvoir Hill have spent years performing mainly as a cover band. Playing hometown pubs, parties and even a private island in Essex, they’ve had a long stretch without any official releases under their belts. However, yesterday (28th April) marked the end of an era and welcomed a new, as the…

SINGLE REVIEW: Make Things Like They Used To Be – Safe To Swim

Released on 22nd February, Make Things Like They Used To Be is the brand new single from rising Brighton quartet, Safe To Swim. Following on from their November 2018 release of ‘Friends’, Make Things Like They Used To Be is a short but sweet trip down memory lane that’s full of blistering energy and infectious indie-rock…